Mentoring is a godly, mutually-transforming, friendship that is one of the most important things you may ever do. It is simply encouraging a student to be all that God has designed, called, and gifted them to be, while helping them navigate the ups and downs of life. You will be equipped and supported throughout the entire relationship.

Commitment: Commit to at least 1 year of mentoring and 2 “equip & eat” trainings during the year. Communicate/Spend time with the student at least 4 times a month with at least two of those times being face-to-face.



Make an impact for Christ that brings hope to the next generation of our city. This role could include helping students with homework, learning a Bible verse, doing an activity, following the rules or playing a game. It is simply being a friend to a student and letting them see Jesus in you. You will be trained and paired with a head leader of a group. We especially need male leadership at RISE.

Commitment: RISE (preK to 6th grade) = Monday or Wednesday (or both) 3:20 – 5:30pm, LIT (Jr. HIgh and High School) = Thursday 7:00-8:45pm

Check-in/Out Leader

We need someone to do check-in/out at RISE on  Mondays or Wednesdays 3:15-5:30 pm. On Wednesdays, this person is needed to put together sack dinners with supplies already provided.

** All roles working directly with students require the following:  a personal relationship with Jesus, be a member of a Bible-believing Church, Complete and pass an interview, background check, and training before starting.

Bring the Food!

Provide snacks or a meal for one of our programs on Monday, Wednesday or Thursdays. For super easy instructions and sign up, go to this link: Dinners for Kaleidoscope

Group or Individual Service Projects

We would like and NEED the group or individuals to take ownership of each project (we are such a small staff, and this is a big building!), even if it means making sure you have the tools or other types of supplies needed to complete a project. Projects range from basic handyman repairs, painting, organizing/adopting a room, hauling large items away, and more.  These can be done as a group in the evening/weekend, or as an individual during daytime hours as arranged.

See list below for current needs at Kaleidoscope:

These can be done as a group in the evening/weekend, or as an individual during daytime hours as arranged.

For Details:  Call (432) 288-9242 or


Repair basketball goal rim
Tape off and Paint 2 Basketball goal backboards
Clean barbecue grill
Organize Supply Room
Organize/Adopt our Tool Room
Organize/Adopt our Kitchen
Power Wash 50-ish chairs and fix chair ‘feet’
Cleaning tasks that don’t get covered during general weekly clean-ups
Haul away 2 couches and small shelf to dump (need 8’ or longer trailer)
Clear off outdoor play area of dirt, debri, trash
Build 6 box planters

Volunteer for Our Events

Help with our events throughout the year by providing food, facilitating games/activities, set-up/clean-up, and more.

Dates to Keep in Mind: Family Easter Event is March 29th. End of School Party is May 10th. Trunk or Treat is October 31.

Be a Hero of Hope

Do you have access to special skills like construction, plumbing, auto maintenance, or can load/haul/move things with a trailer, are a licensed counselor, lawyer, etc. ? If you would like to be contacted with an invitation to help when the need arises, please give us your preferred contact and skill HERE.

Be a Community Champion

If you participate in circles involving municipal or city impact like schools, roads, housing, zoning, or other and want to see how you can join in what God is doing through Kaleidoscope, please contact us!

If you would like to volunteer in any of our programs please click the volunteer button and fill out the form.