One-on-One Mentoring

At the heart of Kaleidoscope Ministries is one-on-one mentoring. We match our children with Godly mentors who invest time and energy into the child’s life. They walk alongside the child through life in order to take advantage of those teachable moments. They teach them honorable character traits as well as successful behavior and so that they can begin making the best possible decisions. Many mentors pick their child up from school once a week, go get a snack, and just talk about their day. They help them with homework, set behavior goals for school and at home, and reward them for their progress. We require that each mentor spends 2hrs a week with their mentee.  Kaleidoscope Ministries also enrolls the children in extracurricular activities like volleyball, football, and basketball. Some mentors choose to commit to take their child to their practices and events and encourage them as they build confidence and self-esteem through these activities.

Tutoring Program

After working over the past 6 years with these children we have seen that education is a huge struggle in their lives. That is why we started the tutoring program. This is a twice a week program where each child meets with a professional tutor to give personalized instruction in their greatest area of need. Each child is tested before entering the program, so we are able to monitor their progress. The tests that are used are the STARR test which is used by the state of Texas in the public school systems. We also use the DIBLES Oral Reading Fluency test which is a standardized, individually administered test of accuracy and fluency with connected text.  This year we have added a new aspect to the tutoring program. We have taken 5 of our oldest kids that have progressed academically and are showing positive trustworthy behavior and began to teach them how to tutor. One day a week they are placed with a younger child (k – 2nd grade) as well as with one of our professional tutors. The tutor works with them on how to teach the child and what strategies to use. The older child takes the lead in working with the younger. We also pay each older child a small amount for each session. We have found that this gives the older child a sense of accomplishment and confidence and teaches responsibility. This also gives us the opportunity to teach the child how to properly handle money. KM pays them a small amount, saves a small amount for them and then gives them a services opportunity to give back. We teach them why savings accounts are important and how to develop a budget and stick to it. We teach them how they will need these values and tools as they grow older and have to pay bills and support a family.

Monday Night Bible study

Every one of our kids is picked up every Monday for our Monday night program. In this program we play games and feed the kids a hot meal. Each child is also a part of an age-appropriate small group Bible study. The groups range from 2 – 8 kids per group. The curriculum that is being taught is the gospel project, which is a Bible study resource that invites Kids of all ages to dive deeply into God’s story of redemption through Jesus Christ. In every lesson, participants are immersed in the gospel and learn how the gospel works and they become a part of the story, too. The goal of the Groups is to create a more intimate environment for the kids to cultivate their relationship with Christ.