The Vision

As the light of the gospel shines brighter and brighter in our community, lives will be transformed by the power of Christ to live out a Godly legacy that brings about lasting hope, peace, and positive change for families today and generations that follow. Long-term, Kingdom-minded relationships where believers live out God’s command to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31) are THE conduit to bring this vision to life in our city.

The Mission

We exist to mobilize believers to live out the transforming power of the Gospel with Children and families in South East Midland to bring about lasting hope, peace, and restoration.

The Method

We mobilize God’s people to share the Gospel and join God where He is at work in South-East Midland through mentoring and afterschool programming. We aim to follow the Discipleship model that Christ demonstrated: to focus on investing intentionally into a smaller group of individuals, walking with them closely in order that they may also become agents of change within their own significant realms of influence.  We also choose a holistic approach to service that Jesus modeled. What we do addresses 4 places of need in an individual: Spiritual, Relational/Emotional, Mental, and Physical.